Not just a fashionable word to throw about or a marketing ploy to dangle when it's convenient, sustainability is embedded in every aspect of Aotea Brewing. It's in the bones of people who live off the grid on one of the most beautiful islands in Aotearoa.   

​We haven't got it all sorted yet, let's face it we are part of a resource intensive industry, but creating social and environmental value is right up there alongside the mighty dollar as drivers for the decisions we make.  


We employ, upskill and celebrate local talent. We are part of a collective working to educate island visitors on being sustainable tourists. 

Zero Waste

No single use packaging for our beer, you can grab an awesome flagon-full instead! We have worked with the local tip shop to make beer glasses out of empty wine bottles. Our awesome brewery is on it's fourth life having started out as dairy farming equipment.  

Off the Grid

No mains power, water or waste means we really value our scarce resources and make sure we re-use any waste and turn it into another resource. We get to use the most beautiful groundwater to make our beer and not a drop is wasted! 


Our brewery is situated on a farm paddock. Since we established there we have stopped animals grazing, started pest trapping and have a plan to replant natives to increase the biodiversity and recreate habitat.

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